• True blue.

    Blue. It’s the color of first place and the color of winners. Blue is as limitless as the sky and as vast as the ocean. It’s about seeing endless possibilities where others see obstacles and embracing the future with open arms. It’s having the courage to dream big and the boldness to let nothing stand in your way. Blue is daring, determined and driven to succeed. It’s the color of thinkers, doers and dealmakers, 92,000 strong, spanning 47 countries across this big blue planet. Blue is true, and blue is beautiful. That’s why blue is the official color of the Coldwell Banker brand.

  • Fun is fundamental to success.

    Sales Representatives are social creatures, and you’ll find them in their natural habitat at Gen Blue®, a one-of-a-kind conference and celebration held by the Coldwell Banker brand. This is the ultimate expression of what it means to be part of the Blue. Around every corner you’ll find opportunities for networking and learning from some of the smartest and most successful names in the business. Awards are given out as recognition to top producers and cultural leaders. Visionary speakers are there to inspire. Entertainment is strictly A-list. The atmosphere is electric, because anything can happen. It’s the purest representation of the Coldwell Banker experience. 

  • A culture of caring.

    In partnership with Adopt-a-Pet.com, Coldwell Banker brand started the Homes for Dogs Project, whose mission is to find loving homes for dogs in need. Our affiliated sales representatives and staff have gone above and beyond in embracing the initiative, with many volunteering their time, taking to social media and hosting local adoption events. The Homes for Dogs Project has become a powerful way for sales representatives to connect with their communities and has led to tens of thousands of adoptions - an accomplishment we’re extremely proud of. 

It’s time to come to the Coldwell Banker brand and join the Blue!